My First Outdoor Market, Shellharbour

Yesterday I attended my first outdoor market! It’s been a long time coming as I have been making and selling soap for a while now. We finally bit the bullet and bought all the required equipment a few weeks ago. Gazebo, tables, chairs.

Here I am all set up

My Mum cam over to our house at 6 am to look after our girls (Mum’s are the best!) and we rolled up at 7am to the Shellharbour Rotary Markets by the seaside.

I got to use my new banner and the best thing was that the gazebo and my banner are both green and grey. It was by accident that they match and with my hessian table cover, I must say I was very happy with how it all looked.

I would like to thank all of those who came along and supported us, including a couple of our return customers. The kids absolutely love smelling soap. They would get so excited about it :-).

My sugar scrubs and bath treats

I am hoping to attend a few more markets as we have quite a few lovely ones in the Illawarra South Coast region  such as Coledale, Kiama and Berry.

So now I am back to choosing and ordering fragrances and I feel my procrastinating nature come out again. I must read my previous post and remind myself that I will not waste so much time thinking about it!

This was our view from the back of our stall at Shellhabour.




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