A Great Little Blog I Love Plus Foundation Blending

I just wanted to share with you a wonderful little blog I discovered recently. It is called “Pale Skin Make-Up” and is written by a young lady named Rachael. She is from England and her blog is about make-up/beauty product reviews, with particular interest in finding makeup to suit paler skin. She also has a Youtube Channel.


Those who know me personally know I have the palest skin. Apart from my own family I have not met a single person with paler skin than myself! My family, my husband and his family (as well as our girls) are very fair skinned too. 

So you can imagine how difficult it must be for me to find foundation that is light enough for me. Well to put it frankly I don’t think I have actually found a match. 

It doesn’t help that all of the light foundations I have come across have pink (cool) undertones and I have yellow (warm) undertones (I talk about this in my previous post). My sister has pink undertones so she might have a slightly easier time than me in finding a suitable foundation.

Anyway, the blog “Pale Skin Make-up” has some great reviews and tips (such as mixing a white foundation into some of the foundations that I have previously bought that are too dark to use (used once then thrown in the draw as they were too dark 😦  ).


I don’t know where to buy white foundation (except on ebay), but I do have a key ingredient in cosmetic making, straight from my soap room cupboard – Titanium Dioxide. It is skin safe and I use this powder to lighten my soaps or make my colours pastel. I decided to try mixing a tinsy bit of TD with my current mineral makeup (Nude by Nature – Light) to create a custom blend.

Here is a piccy of the result.

I have also tried mixing the TD with some Max Factor liquid foundation (which seems to have yellow undertones in it – yay) and that worked extremely well too 🙂


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