Getting Soapy at My Place (an older post)

A post from September 2013…

So I have made quite a few soaps over the last two weekends, and I can finally say I am happy with them 🙂

First up is “Summer Fling” using the Brambleberry fragrance oil of the same name. I wanted a fairly simple design: creamy base with pink top and a mica oil swirl on top. Funnily enough my cupcake wrappers have a similar design to the tops of these and I plant to make matching bubble bath cupcakes. I think these would make a cute gift set if I do say so myself :-).


Next up “Mayan Gold”. I needed a luxurious design for this rich and luxurious fragrance. Cream and gold. For this I decided to try a tiger stripe technique. My batter thickened up a little fast, but I am soooo pleased with the look of it. Topped off with gold glitter.

This weekend I wanted to try piping soap for the first time. I felt pretty relaxed about it and didn’t really plan it out. Frost up “Mango Lassi”. This one has actual yoghurt in it and mango butter. This smells divine, and positively edible!

 And finally “Jamaican Vanilla Coffee”. I added a coffee shot and also a splosh of buttermilk. I soaped this one too hot. It thickened up fast. I pretty much dumped it in the ,old and tapped it down. I tapped it too hard and soap splashed everywhere! I was so freaked out! Anyhow, I kept on and got the remaining batter in the mould and piped my top. I could feel the piping bag heat up and I was worried it would melt, but managed to complete it. Topped it off with some glycerine choc blocks and popped it in the fridge. It ended up with some air bubbles but I’m still oh so pleased.

Looks like a cake shop at my place 🙂


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