Some new additions to my little store

I have been a busy little bee lately working on some new products for my online store and markets. I am especially excited to have finally fulfilled my packaging wish (which by the way I have been dreaming about for a year now) – brown tin tie bags with little windows! It might seem like a simple little idea, but it has taken me a while to bite the bullet and order some in.

So what products have I added to my range then?

Well… we have new look Bath Truffle Melts, now in a larger size (almost twice the size as our previous melts).

maylilly soaps bath truffle meltsmaylilly soaps bath truffle melts unpackagedLavender and Tangerine Bath Milks (plus I plan to make some Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Bath Milks too) and Lavender and Tangerine Bath Salts.

relaxing bath milkmilk 2

Sugar Scrubs and body creams. Oh wow am I finding it hard to narrow down what fragrances to make these! I love so many scents. I am thinking “Buttercream”, and “Japanese Cherry Blossom” but a little stuck as what else to include. “White Tea and Ginger” will smell lovely in a body cream. What is your favourite fragrance? Be sure to let me know 🙂

scrubs2scrubs3Stay tuned to my Facebook page and online stores as these delicious products will be making their way to my online “shelves” and markets stall 🙂

Happy Soaping 🙂

X Vicky


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