Calorie-free Treats… Coming soon to the Maylilly Store

What can I say? It has been one of my favourite Christmas’s ever! With our girls now 4 and 2, there was a flurry of excitement in the lead up to the visit from Santa. Seeing the girls so happy was magical. They enjoyed putting out food for Santa and they couldn’t believe their eyes in the morning when Santa had left them a giant chalkboard with a special message and brand new bikes just for them!

One of my personal favourite things about Christmas is lunch at my Mum’s and her delicious trifle. Mmm mmm. Plus the yummy baked dinner she cooks up for us as well. My husband loved the corn relish dip too.

So with all this indulgent food, I thought I’d share with you some calorie-free yummies I cooked up in the soap kitchen. Inspired by trifles, cheesecake and all things summery and desserty, I present to you my 2 latest soaps (which will be available for sale online in about 5 weeks):

“Mango Lassi”; notes of mango, pineapple, berries, yoghurt and cream. This isn’t an overpowering fragrance considering the description. I find it has a really creamy and edible note to it.

“Just Desserts”; Inspired visually by a trifle, this soap has notes of rhubarb, fruits, white chocolate and a little caramel. Think summery. Think sweet. Think fruity.


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