What’s on the Curing Rack (Jan/Feb 2015)


I have quite a few soaps on the curing rack at the moment. Some are new and some are restocks.

Follow the photo below from left to right to see what we have headed for the Maylilly Store.


Buttermilk, Macadamia & Clay (cure date: 04/02/15): scented with passionflower and includes macadamia oil, red and pink clay.

Mango Lassi (cure date: 04/02/15): notes of yoghurt, cream, mango, pineapple and berries.

Captivate (cure date: 15/02/15): notes of violet and bergamot

Just Desserts (cure date: 06/02/15): rhubarb, berries, bourbon and white chocolate.

Pumpkin & Vanilla (cure date: 17/02/15): cinnamon, pumpkin and sweet vanilla.

Vanilla Sandalwood & Honey (cure date: 14/02/15): a perfect yet subtle blend of vanilla and sandalwood with added honey.

Black Raspberry & Vanilla (cure date 14/02/15): berries, vanilla and musk.

Minty Fresh (cure date 17/02/15) – with spearmint essential oil.

Watch my quick Youtube Video of What’s on the Curing Rack Episode 1 (don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.




2 thoughts on “What’s on the Curing Rack (Jan/Feb 2015)

  1. The biggest surprise gift I’ve ever recieved was I accidently entered a random competition and ended up winning a full paid trip to NYC to see gym class heroes and shaggy play!! It was a blast!

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