Introducing the Maylilly Monthly Planner

Introducing my Maylilly Monthly Planner. Now available for free (downloads at bottom of this post).

front page pic

I have always been a lover of diaries, planners and stationery in general, and I have to admit I am struggling to get on-board with all of those organiser apps for my smartphone. I am a paper gal! I haven’t even read a novel on my ipad – a proper book all the way for me!

So why a printable planner and not an actual bound book?

For me, sitting down on the lounge with a cuppa and a pen and paper gets me in the right frame of mind to organise, brainstorm and get creative. I love pinning up a list or a design idea up in my home office or soaproom (along with my mood board).

With a bound book you can’t really pin up a page (unless you ripped it out), and it can get a little heavy and overwhelming especially when you only want to focus on a week or month at a time.

You can keep lists “handy”, say the “brain dump” section could sit out on the coffee table waiting for you to jot down any inspiration.


You can stick it up in your creative space – where your work comes to life. Whether it is an office or studio or sewing room.

You can focus on just one month at a time, printing out as needed with the option of filing it away when done (I have previously used a blogger planner which covered the entire year and it got really messy and confusing when it came to printing, especially when you want it double sided and the layout just so, which is why I have stuck to just one month at a time).

You can use this every year! As it is a blank calendar, you can customise the year.

I honestly hope you enjoy this planner and find it beneficial in keeping organised and creative throughout the year.

Maylilly Planner Template

Maylilly Planner Example/Instructions


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