First Soap for 2016

I once said that I believe a happy, healthy mind and body allows you to be your true creative self. And it couldnt be any more true.

Last year was definitely not the year for creativity. I was dealing with being diagnosed with a progressive disease. I was fatigued, worn out. I was trying so hard to do all the “right” things like focussing on nutrition and fitness. I didn’t think about soap at all!

Enter 2016. New year. Fresh start. I am eating well and trying to get enough sleep. And guess what? I can’t stop thinking about soap. I can’t stop watching my favourite soap youtube channels. I am dreaming soap…

I’ve even made a soap!

Dusting off my soapmaking equipment.

This soap was fragranced with Bramble Berry’s Energy fragrance oil (Aussie Soap Supplies for the Australians).

I was so nervous and I was impatient with the unmoulding and made a right mess.

Youtube video coming in the next day or so.





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