Ready to Make Your First Cold Process Soap? The Best Resources for 1st Time Soap Makers

Have you been wanting to “take the plunge” and make your first ever cold process soap, but feeling a little apprehensive? I know that I did! I was so nervous about what I should expect, what if things didn’t go to plan – how would I rectify anything on the fly? What if I knocked over the lye water? What if I left something out?

One of the keys to successful soapmaking is research. Arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can to prepare for that very first batch.

But research can present you with an overwhelming number of tutorials and how-to’s that you feel like throwing in the towel before you begin.

So today I am going to share with you the resources I found helpful when it came to make my very first cold process soap.

I know that for me it was really helpful to have some visual guidance, as well as easy to follow written instructions. I thought I would put together a post with all of the resources that helped me take that step to become a soapmaker rather than a soapdreamer.

Resources for 1st time soap makers.png

Soap Queen

The Soap Queen website and Youtube channel are the “go-to” sites for learning how to make soap. Anne-Marie is the incredible woman behind Soap Queen and is the founder of the successful soap making supplies company Bramble Berry.

Anne-Marie’s easy to follow articles and super helpful video series on learning to make cold process gave me the confidence to go ahead and try it. I am sure that you will find her tutorials beneficial too!

Soap Queen Website


When I was researching Soap Queen’s articles and videos to include in this blog post, I was so excited to see that there is a post on the Soap Queen blog that wasn’t there when I first started soapmaking. It serves as a starting point to all newbies and has a “round up” of links to all of Soap Queen’s “learn to make soap” related articles, tutorials and videos. It includes links to how to use soap calculators, oils, equipment, and safety practices.

Once you get your bearings with soapmaking, you can move on to more advanced tutorials. There are tutorials for other amazing products too, such as melt and pour soap, lotions and bath fizzies. There is information about oils, ingredients and business aspects too!


Soap Queen TV

Soap Queen has her very own Youtube Channel with a video series dedicated to cold process soap basics. It covers lye safety, colours, fragrance, what trace looks like. I found this series to be one of the most beneficial resources I have used, and Anne-Marie talks you through the entire process and gives you a really good idea on what you should expect when you make your own soap.

Soap Queen Links

Soap Queen Beginning Soaper Resource Roundup

Soap Queen Youtube Video Series

Aussie Soap Supplies


Aussie Soap Supplies is one of my favourite suppliers of soapmaking ingredients. They have a great recipe and tutorial section on their website and they are the only Australian stockists of Bramble Berry products.

In regards to cold process soapmaking there is a really good tutorial called “An Introduction to Cold Processed Soapmaking” that is worth having a look at.

Soap Calculators

It is really important that you understand soap calculators before embarking on your first cold process soap.

Soap calculators help you work out how much lye you need for your soap recipe. Different oils have different saponification values (ie. different oils require different amounts of lye to turn it into soap).  You need to ensure you understand how to run a recipe through a soap calculator (Soap Queen has really useful info on soap calculators).

Important Note: It is vital that you run every recipe through a soap calculator even if you are given (or are reading a recipe from a website or book) that already provides the amount of lye you need as mistakes do happen and you don’t want a ruined or unsafe batch of soap.

Soap Calculator Links

Soap Calc

Bramble Berry Soap Calculator

A Final Note

Soapmaking is an incredible hobby. It encompasses creativity and science, and the possibilities are endless. It is satisfying and frustrating but very addictive.

I hope that after reading through these incredible resources you will have the confidence to try making a cold process soap.

Now go get soapy!


X. Vicky





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