I’ve Won a Prize! A Review of eBooks From Modern Soapmaking

Earlier this year Kenna from Modern Soapmaking held a social media marketing competition on her website. Kenna set out several tasks to choose from –  from Instagramming your favourite product to blog posts on how you got started in the soapmaking world.

I felt inspired to give it a go and entered several times. And guess what? I won! Okay, the winner was drawn randomly but I don’t care! I never win anything! I was so excited (and I still get excited thinking about it).

The prize? If you submitted 1 entry you won an eBook of your choice from Kenna’s extensive eLibrary. If you entered more than once you gained access to all of her eBooks! Yay I couldn’t believe it – I won them all (and it felt like winning lotto)! I found myself with an abundance of valuable information on soapmaking, pricing, branding and essential oil blending (to name a few).


I am truly grateful to Kenna for such a generous offering, and so I wanted to write a post on what I thought of just a few of the eBooks.

The books were all amazing, and in addition to the reviews below I have popped a review on each of the ebooks over on the Modern Soapmaking website too if you want to go on over there and take a look.

So let’s get into it.

eBooks From Modern Soapmaking

Note: If you click on the images below, you will be taken straight over to the product page on Modern Soapmaking.


Cold Process 101 Class Handout


An amazing ebook for beginner soapmakers. This ebook covers the history of soapmaking, how soap works and the chemistry behind it.

It covers information on ingredients, lye safety, equipment needed and common soap terminology – It covers all aspects of soapmaking and is 25 pages long.

I particularly enjoyed the history of soap and also the list of natural colourants you can use and what colours they will achieve.

I’d recommend this book for beginner soapmakers as it’s a fabulous, detailed guide to soapmaking.


Pure Gold (extended edit)


Included are great tips from avoiding colourant speckles in your soap, easy ways to unmould your soap, using other liquids other than water, avoiding soda ash, keeping your workstation organised and cleaning up your soap tools with ease (everyone’s fave job… just kidding).

As well as the handy tips mentioned above, this ebook talks about things to consider when formulating your soap recipe in terms of how quickly the soap will move.

I enjoyed this ebook and learned a few new things. I’d recommend this to all soapmakers.


50 Essential OIl Blends for Your Products


This ebook is a must for all those who enjoy working with essential oils, or are wanting to dive in but aren’t sure what EO’s to buy or where to start.

The ebook is broken down into sections from easiest and less complex blends with only 2 or 3 different EO’s, all the way through to crazy-complicated blends with 5 or 6 different EO’s. Don’t worry though, they are really easy to follow!

I have printed off this ebook for myself to try a few blends and I can’t wait to dive in.


Pricing for Profit – Pricing Handmade Soap and Cosmetics Workbook


This ebook is a hefty 75 pages long but I promise it is easy to read! With Kenna’s personality all over it, you will be learning to price products in no time.

Kenna covers loads of topics from Cost of Goods Sold, profit margins and different pricing structures, as well as why pricing formulas don’t work for everyone.

Kenna also gives us a little pep talk and reminds us our works is amazeballs and we mustn’t devalue ourselves, our products and our industry.

Kenna’s authenticity, passion and expertise keeps the reader engaged in this important book. I recommend this book for all soapmakers either in business or looking to start their business.


Efficiency in Scaling – an Introduction to Masterbatching


This book is designed for those who are selling their soaps (but is still beneficial to the hobbyist wanting to save time) and want to learn how to masterbatch.

Masterbatching saves time, allowing you to focus on other parts of your business or life (such as working on your business development or spending time with your family).

In this ebook Kenna breaks it all down in an easy to understand, easy to follow manner covering aspects such as limitations, resizing your formula, to the basic procedures of oil masterbatching.


Brand Magic! A Brand Development and Mastery Workbook for Soapmakers


I purchased this book prior to winning Kenna’s competition. It was definitely work my AU$36 Aussie Dollars!

I  must say it is good to have a branding book specifically targeted to soapmakers as it helps put the different branding methods in perspective.

From understanding brand persona, to storytelling, to differentiating yourself from others in the soapmaking industry, this workbook helped me drill-down to my “why” (why I do what I do), and to be crystal clear on my target market. It helped me transform my blog from being directed at my soap-buying customers, to a blog directed toward other soapmakers and those looking to make their own at home beauty and bath products.

Brand Magic is a must for every soapmaker wanting to differentiate themselves in the business, and who want to hone in on their target market. It is also highly recommended for soap bloggers and teachers who want to attract their ideal audience.


Kick Ass on Social Media With 12 Quick Tips Starter Guide


This ebook is quite possible my favourite. Simple but clever tips to rise above the noise on good ol’ social media. From how to attract your tribe, to time saving tips, this ebook will set you on the right path to engage your audience and build your audience. Kenna gives you lot’s of direction on how to use social media to your advantage. No more hit and miss.

This ebook is an absolute must have for any soapmaker wanting to promote their business on social media but not really knowing where to begin. It is great for other types of businesses too, and I use these tips for my other blog as well which is all about living positively with chronic illness.

There are many other amazing ebooks by Kenna on Modern Soapmaking including Swatchmania: Introduction to Colorants, 7 Coffee Inspired Bath and Body Recipes for Everyday of the Week, and Battle of the Reds: Soap Safe Colorant Guide (plus loads more).


Plus there are some new ebooks and recordings up on the website which have been released since I won that I would love to read/listen to such as Suds & Success: Soapmaking for Business (Recording), and Suds & Success: The Money Shot – Product Photography (Recording).

I hope you enjoyed my review of the above ebooks. Let me know in the comments if you have purchased any of Kenna’s ebooks or have attended any of her classes? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time… Go get soapy!


All images are from Modern Soapmaking to give you an idea of the product being reviewed. The opinions in this article is of my opinion and products reviewed were won via a competition (except for Brand Magic which I purchased).






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