Mini Makeover of Our Master Bedroom

The following post is originally from my Happy Tired Mummy blog, but I just couldn’t help but share it right here as well.

Hi lovely readers. I’m testing the waters in a new area of the blog today – the Homemaking section.

I have recently been inspired by the idea of decorating my home according to the season. I have  never really done this before (except at Christmas time), but I thought why not try it out for other seasons and celebrations?

In Australia it is Springtime. While many of my favourite blogs are talking about Autumn (or fall) – which by the way is my favourite season – here it is warming up and I am feeling all “Spring-cleany” (which is a word I just made up then).

Our master bedroom faces the north and the morning sun pours through our room nicely. We have navy blue curtains and our bed has a navy ruffle (or valance) around the base. For the last few years I have had this quilt cover I bought from Curtain Wonderland and some navy European pillows and gunmetal metallic throw pillows behind my stiletto “Home” pillow.

It really did look nice, and I plan to put those pillows back in place for winter. But I really wanted to lighten and freshen the room up for Spring and Summer.

Here is what I came up with:

2016 Master Bedroom Mini Makeover Tour

img_20160927_125729.jpgLast week I bought the nicest white, fluffy cushions from Kmart for our room. I decided to pop one on the bed and the other on the rocking chair. I just love my Home cushion, and quite frankly, it’s the closest I am going to get to high heels lol.




happy-tired-mummy-master-bedroom-spring-tour-4.jpgI “saved” this floral headband that my daughter wore when she was a flower girl for her cousins wedding.



happy-tired-mummy-master-bedroom-spring-tour-12.jpgMy white rocking chair was given to me by my Nan. She found it in a local Vinnies store about 6 years ago.


happy-tired-mummy-master-bedroom-spring-tour-7.jpgMy faux flower arrangement and jug I purchased from Koch & Co. I love green.


There you have it! I would love to know what you think of my Springtime room.

X. Vicky


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