About the Soaps

Our soaps here at Maylilly Soaps are made the “old fashioned” way using the cold process method. We combine amazing oils such as Olive, Coconut, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter (and more) with a lye solution. The chemical reaction (saponification) turns the oils and lye solution into soap!

Why buy handmade soap?

The soaps you buy in store are more like detergent bars and are often more drying than traditional handmade soap. Handmade soap ensures that all the natural goodness such as glycerine remains in the product (glycerine is often removed from commercial soaps to be used in skincare).

Our sugar scrubs, body creams and bath products are all made in small batches from scratch to ensure that you are receiving the freshest possible product.

All of our products are paraben and SLS free.

From the Soapmaker

Hi I am Vicky and I make all of the products for Maylilly Soaps & Bath Treats.

After “stumbling” across a supplies website for making skincare in 2009, I discovered the world of soapmaking. From then on I have been obsessed with cold process soapmaking. For a long time I would watch countless Youtube channels of some amazing soapmakers all over the world, and constantly reading up on techniques and ingredients.

It is very much a team effort here at Maylilly Soaps. My husband helps at markets (he gets that gazebo up quick now!), and my Mum helps with wrapping the soaps, as well as looking after the kids whilst I am attending a market.

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