The Simple Gift of A Bag: helping breast cancer patients after surgery

Today I wanted to introduce you to an incredible local woman, and an incredible project her and a s10346289_691635634235402_54797069218780503_nmall group of women have started.

Lauri was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, and like other breast cancer patients, needed to carry a drain around after surgery. But there wasn’t really any easy way to do this as patients were often sent home with the tubes and bag wrapped in a pillowcase or plastic bag, making being out in the community difficult.

Lauri was given a bag from a friend specific for carrying around tubes after surgery. Her confidence was lifted and she thought it would be a wonderful idea if other patients could be given a bag too.

Something so simple, made such a big difference and so “The Simple Gift of  a Bag” was born. Lauri and a small group of women began making bags just like Lauri’s and donating them to hospitals around Australia. They have donated almost 500 bags Australia wide.

A local newspaper recently wrote and article on Lauri and her project.

I have recently had the pleasure of donating some of my soaps to be included in the bags, along with donations from other small businesses such as “Soy Melt Lovers”.

To find out more about, or wish to donate to “The Simple Gift of a Bag”, please visit their facebook page here.