RECIPE: How to Make Matcha May Chang Cold Process Soap With Homemade Almond Milk

I am so totes in love with Matcha Maiden’s Matcha Tea! I love it in a latte (Matcha Latte) but of course I wanted to try it in soapmaking! Today I am finally able to bring to you my very own soap recipe which included Matcha Maiden’s Mix’n’Matcha tea powder and handmade Almond Milk.

Recipe: How to Make Matcha May Chang Cold Process Soap With Handmade Almond Milk

Important Note: This recipe is for experienced soapmakers. If you have never made cold process soap before please read this important article on the soapmaking basics including lye safety and how to make basic cold process soap. Soapmaking involves handling dangerous substances.

Free Beginner’s Guide to Cold Process Soapmaking: Cold Process by Soap Queen

2016-03-09 10.56.05You Will Need

1 x large heat safe mug/jug

1 x heat safe 500ml jug (not aluminum or brittle plastic)

1 x microwave safe 2L cup jug or stainless steel stockpot

1 x stainless steel dessert spoon

1 x large silicone spoon

1 x stainless steel teaspoon

1.5 kg soap mould

Stick blender

60 grams Castor Oil

100 grams Cocoa Butter

100 grams Shea Butter

250 grams Coconut Oil

300 grams Olive Oil

190 grams Rice Bran Oil

50 grams Almond Milk (Learn how to make Almond Milk at home here.)

1/4 teaspoon Matcha Maiden Matcha Tea powder (mixed with 1 tablespoon of Olive oil taken from the 300g of Olive oil above)

250 grams Distilled Water

135 grams Sodium Hydroxide

20 grams of May Chang Essential Oil

(You will also require safety goggles, latex/rubber gloves, long sleeves and covered shoes)

IMG_20160309_181538To Make

  • Following all safety precautions as outlined in this article, weigh out your sodium hydroxide into a heat safe mug or jug (not aluminum).
  • Weigh your water into a 500ml size heat safe jug.
  • In a well ventilated area, add the sodium hydroxide to the water (never pour the water into the sodium hydroxide) and stir until dissolved using a stainless steel dessert spoon. This is your lye water.
  • Leave in a safe place to cool to approximately 45 degrees celsius.

  • Whilst the lye water is cooling, weigh out all of your other ingredients into a microwave safe jug (one that will hold approximately 2 litres) and melt in the microwave, or using a stainless steel stockpot melt on a stove top on low heat.
  • Once the oils have completely melted, let cool to approximately 45 degrees celsius.

  • Once both the lye water and oils are both at approximately 45 degrees celsius, add the almond milk to the melted oils and stir in with a silicone spoon.
  • Then slowly pour your lye water into the melted oils and incorporate gently with the silicone spatula.
  • Using a stick blender, blitz the mixture in several short bursts until you reach a light trace (read about trace here).
  • Add the Matcha Tea (which has been incorporated in 1 tablespoon of Olive oil) and the May Chang essential oil into the mixture and stir until incorporated. If you wish, you can use your stick blender very briefly to ensure the Matcha Tea Powder and essential oil is combined fully.
  • Pour into a lined wooden mould, or silicone mould. If your soap mixture (or batter) is thick enough you can use the back of a stainless steel teaspoon to texture the top of the soap.
  • Place in the refrigerator overnight.
  • After 24 hours you can un-mould your soap and leave to cure for 4 to 6 weeks. Then you can enjoy!

Note: I found that during the curing time the soap didn’t smell very good at all, but after it cured the May Chang essential oil (which is lemony) shone through and it is lovely.



More About Match Maiden

As mentioned at the start of this blog post, my fave Matcha Tea is from Matcha Maiden. They have an awesome website and Instagram account which I have even been lucky enough to feature on their Instagram account! So exciting!!!


Screenshot_2016-03-16-11-19-29Photos are from Matcha Maiden Instagram Account @matcha_maiden

Then I simply couldn’t help myself, I made some matching Matcha May Chang Matcha Tea bath truffles too! See this post to learn how to make Matcha May Chang Truffles.


And a yummy matcha latte to wrap things up.


Final Note: This recipe is recommended and designed for experienced soapmakers.


I’ve Won a Prize! A Review of eBooks From Modern Soapmaking

Earlier this year Kenna from Modern Soapmaking held a social media marketing competition on her website. Kenna set out several tasks to choose from –  from Instagramming your favourite product to blog posts on how you got started in the soapmaking world.

I felt inspired to give it a go and entered several times. And guess what? I won! Okay, the winner was drawn randomly but I don’t care! I never win anything! I was so excited (and I still get excited thinking about it).

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The Simple Gift of A Bag: helping breast cancer patients after surgery

Today I wanted to introduce you to an incredible local woman, and an incredible project her and a s10346289_691635634235402_54797069218780503_nmall group of women have started.

Lauri was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, and like other breast cancer patients, needed to carry a drain around after surgery. But there wasn’t really any easy way to do this as patients were often sent home with the tubes and bag wrapped in a pillowcase or plastic bag, making being out in the community difficult.

Lauri was given a bag from a friend specific for carrying around tubes after surgery. Her confidence was lifted and she thought it would be a wonderful idea if other patients could be given a bag too.

Something so simple, made such a big difference and so “The Simple Gift of  a Bag” was born. Lauri and a small group of women began making bags just like Lauri’s and donating them to hospitals around Australia. They have donated almost 500 bags Australia wide.

A local newspaper recently wrote and article on Lauri and her project.

I have recently had the pleasure of donating some of my soaps to be included in the bags, along with donations from other small businesses such as “Soy Melt Lovers”.

To find out more about, or wish to donate to “The Simple Gift of a Bag”, please visit their facebook page here.



A Great Little Blog I Love Plus Foundation Blending

I just wanted to share with you a wonderful little blog I discovered recently. It is called “Pale Skin Make-Up” and is written by a young lady named Rachael. She is from England and her blog is about make-up/beauty product reviews, with particular interest in finding makeup to suit paler skin. She also has a Youtube Channel.


Those who know me personally know I have the palest skin. Apart from my own family I have not met a single person with paler skin than myself! My family, my husband and his family (as well as our girls) are very fair skinned too. 

So you can imagine how difficult it must be for me to find foundation that is light enough for me. Well to put it frankly I don’t think I have actually found a match. 

It doesn’t help that all of the light foundations I have come across have pink (cool) undertones and I have yellow (warm) undertones (I talk about this in my previous post). My sister has pink undertones so she might have a slightly easier time than me in finding a suitable foundation.

Anyway, the blog “Pale Skin Make-up” has some great reviews and tips (such as mixing a white foundation into some of the foundations that I have previously bought that are too dark to use (used once then thrown in the draw as they were too dark 😦  ).


I don’t know where to buy white foundation (except on ebay), but I do have a key ingredient in cosmetic making, straight from my soap room cupboard – Titanium Dioxide. It is skin safe and I use this powder to lighten my soaps or make my colours pastel. I decided to try mixing a tinsy bit of TD with my current mineral makeup (Nude by Nature – Light) to create a custom blend.

Here is a piccy of the result.

I have also tried mixing the TD with some Max Factor liquid foundation (which seems to have yellow undertones in it – yay) and that worked extremely well too 🙂

Presenting: The Bowerbirds Nest

Today we are talking clothes Girls

I was looking in my wardrobe today and thought to myself “Wow I do actually have some nice clothes”. A few designer brands, a good variety of styles. If you were to look at the labels you would think I’d have spent a small fortune on them. Even today I am wearing a really pretty Maxi dress with a frilly neckline and a gorgeous “earthy” bronze and cream print. It Only cost me a few dollars.

All of my good quality clothes only cost me $2 to $5 each. 

But how? You may be asking yourselves. Pre-loved clothing my dears. Pre-loved. And by that I mean new with tags, new without tags. I’m talking never been worn kind of pre-loved.

How I fell in love with pre-loved

After the birth of my second baby I began shopping at my local preloved clothing store. Brands such as Country Road, Billabong, Roxy, Bardot, Mink Pink and more were hiding amongst hundreds of items tightly hung on rail after rail. I would spend day after day going down to the store and rifling through all of the garments. In fact, it took about an hour each time to file through all the hangers, check sizes, condition of the item etc. My girls would get get narky. I would get stressed. 


From my wardrobe: Cropped jacket – Dotti and dress by TOKITO
From my wardrobe: Gorgeous loose fitting top by Wish

 As much as finding these hidden gems saved me loads of money, it certainly didn’t save me any time.

I had known about the local pre-loved clothing store a long time before I began shopping there. My Nan was addicted to going there for years and now she has more clothes than anyone would know what to do with. I had only ever gone in occasionally. Not often enough to snap up any particularly good items. I simply did not have the time when I was a worker.

This got me thinking. 

What about people who don’t just stay home with their kids, or those who don’t have all the time in the world? How could a full time worker or busy woman have the time to find these bargains?

If only there was an easier way for everyone to be able to buy fantastic clothes for fantastic prices. 

Well my friends, there is.  

Presenting The Bowerbirds Nest


This is where Beck and Kim from The Bowerbirds Nest come in. Consider these ladies your personal shoppers. They search high and low to find great brands. All new or as new, in many sizes and styles, and bring them to you on their amazing Facebook Page and local markets.


Now even the busiest of ladies can still buy designer brands at a fraction of the price from their own home.


The ladies from the Bowerbirds Nest describe themselves as “Two birds that like nothing more than to collect pretty things and bring them home. The bowerbirds nest brings together our love of coming across a great find, and being able to enjoy owning quality items without paying the designer prices.

Guilt free, hassle free shopping!! A fun way to shop for new and preloved brand name, quality clothing and home wares and feel good about it!! We have searched high and low and sorted through all the old fashioned, stained and torn offerings, to find only the best quality, the most stylish, the brands we all know and love and brought them all together in our little nest”.


Beck and Kim have a “passion for fashion”! With their frequent status updates, photos of new finds, engaging with their customers, and their “Style Files” (where customers can post photos of themselves in their amazing bargains), it’s no wonder they have so many “Bowerbirds” following their Facebook page. 


Why not head over to The Bowerbirds Nest right now and find yourself some quality clothing at prices you won’t believe.


Happy Shopping!