About Me


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My name is Victoria and I’m a soapaholic. I love soap. Why? Because I love how it feels to use and I love how I feel after using it. It nourishes my body, resets my mind, and sets the tone for me to go out and go out into my day.

I want to invite you to nourish your body, reset your mind ready for your day too.

All it takes is 5 minutes or so in the shower with a bar of pure “skin food”. Let go of your day, clear your mind and let go of any stress. Feel rejuvenated by the essential oils and high quality fragrances, and refreshed by the delicious ingredients, and you are ready to start (or finish) your day with clarity and a positive mindset.

More about me…

I am a Mum to 2 little girls, a wife to a lovely guy and a CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth Disease) butt-kicker! I love formulating and creating natural, nourishing soaps and skincare. I enjoy yoga, meditation, nourishing food, spending time with my loved ones and living a happy life.

In March 2015, myself and oldest daughter were diagnosed with the neurological disease Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, a hereditary disease that affects the nerves in the feet and hands. There is no cure or treatment and it gets progressively worse. Just performing simple, everyday tasks is difficult (such as opening jars, food preparation and doing my children’s hair. But that does not stop me from working around my difficulties or living my life in a positive and fulfilling way!