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To start you off, and to say a big welcome, here is a simple DIY lip scrub recipe for you to try at home (there is a downloadable pdf at the bottom of the recipe for you to keep).

I hop you enjoy!

Victoria xxx

Recipe: DIY Lip Scrub

Lip scrubs are a simple but amazing way to exfoliate your lips and treat yourself to a little pampering.

What you will need:IMG_1495

All you need is oil and sugar combined in a very small container (as a little goes a long way). You can use any oil from the supermarket; Olive, Macadamia, Avocado, Rice Bran… whatever is in your pantry. I love Macadamia Oil.

To Make:

I recommend 1 teaspoon of sugar (caster is best as it isn’t as course as the regular sugar), and add a drop at a time of oil, mixing the sugar and oil together. You’re looking for a firm consistency.

To use:

Simply take a tiny amount of scrub and rub gently on your lips to exfoliate. Rinse clean, or (like me) rub all the sugar off and the oil will continue to nourish your lips.

Download your pdf to keep here: lip scrub recipe pdf


Victoria xxx